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Uasuf Gueye Trio

The Uasuf Gueye Trio performs the music of the royal courts of 13th century Manding West Africa. By combining the traditional repertoire of the oral historians of Manding with innovative jazz and blues arrangements, they are able to create an intoxicating listening experience that has been described as “history in motion”. Whether creating a cool ambiance or an incredibly stimulating performance, the Uasuf Gueye Trio is guaranteed to transform any evening into a journey into the soul. Click here for more info!

Uasuf Gueye & Urban Virtuosos 

Uasuf Gueye & Urban Virtuosos consist of six musicians who are all accomplished in their own right. Driven by traditional instruments from the 13th century Manding empire such as the Balafon and the Ngoni, The Urban Virtuosos band plays captivating arrangements that combine funky drum set patterns, soothing horn lines, soulful jazz vocals, and thought-stimulating hip-hop lyrics. This group of skilled musicians are guaranteed to provide an exhilarating experience for any audience that won’t soon be forgotten. Click here for more info!


Educational programs for K-12 and college/university level (teachers' guide available)


Suggested topics including, but not limited to:


"The Beauty of African Rhythm: An Introduction to Traditional West African Instruments" 

An introduction to the instruments of Manding West Africa and their influence on musical traditions around the world.

"The Music Traditions of Manding Griots"

This lecture highlights the history bearers of Manding. It describes the importance of the various roles they play within the context of traditional African society as well as the instruments used to aid them in their work. 

"From Manding to America"

A lecture that draws connections specifically between West Africa and the Americas. This includes traditions passed through generations, etymology, and the evolution of music traditions. 

"African Dance and Rhythm - Diversity of Forms and Styles"

This lecture talks about the traditional Manding rhythms and dances and the purpose they serve within traditional context. 

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Master Classes/Workshops/Seminars

"Mandinka Bala"

The Mandinka Bala workshop is an exhilarating introduction to the world of playing the African xylophone traditionally known as the Bala. Students will learn information on how to build and create melodies using the fundamentals of music theory.  

"The Melody of Djembe"

The Djembe is an hourglass shaped hand drum played by the Manding people of West Africa that is accompanied by three types of bass drums called Dundun. The Djembe package also includes lessons on polyrhythms and is a great great way for students to gain a basic understanding of the percussive side of Manding music. 

"The Full Orchestra Package"

This workshop brings different instruments from the Mali Empire together to create the full orchestra experience. This package includes instruments such as Balafon, Djembe, Dundun, and voice. It allows the opportunity for students to observe the role of each instrument and the relationship between the instruments as the compositions grow.


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One Week or Two Week Residencies for Grades 3 through 12, College/University Level Students, and Community Programs

Uasuf Gueye offers one or two week residencies for grades 3-12 and college/university level students. These residencies are designed to foster in-depth learning in the African arts and culture to promote and enhance curricular objectives. The aim of these residencies is to instill skills and life lessons that will amplify participants’ confidence in self and awareness of the muse within. These residencies can be adapted to accommodate short-term community programs with similar objectives.

Residencies include:

  • A minimum of 5 classroom sessions;

  • Cultural and music history;

  • A culminating event or Final Presentation, which will be at a minimum, an opportunity for students to share their work with peers and/or invited family.

  • Instruments and materials not included in residency fee

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