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Uasuf Gueye Trio

The Uasuf Gueye Trio performs the music of the royal courts of 13th century Manding West Africa. By combining the traditional repertoire of the oral historians of Manding with innovative jazz and blues arrangements, they are able to create an intoxicating listening experience that has been described as “history in motion”. Whether creating a cool ambiance or an incredibly stimulating performance, the Uasuf Gueye Trio is guaranteed to transform any evening into a journey into the soul.

Group Information

Name: Uasuf Gueye Trio
Set duration: 1-3 hours
Music Genre: African Jazz Fusion
Media: Live Music


"...Beautiful show last night. His stage presence was strong and elegant. He gave the audience a glimpse into the meaning of the music by showing respect for his family history and the audience." - Marcy Marxer, two-time Grammy Award Winner

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