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Uasuf Gueye & Urban Virtuosos



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Uasuf Gueye & Urban Virtuosos consist of six musicians who are all accomplished in their own right. Driven by traditional instruments from the 13th century Manding empire such as the Balafon and the Ngoni, the Urban Virtuosos band plays captivating arrangements that combine funky drum set patterns, soothing horn lines, soulful jazz vocals, and thought-stimulating hip-hop lyrics. This group of skilled musicians are guaranteed to provide an exhilarating experience for any audience that won’t soon be forgotten.

Group Information

Name: Uasuf Gueye & Urban Virtuosos
Set duration: 1-3 hours
Music Genre: World, Hip-Hop, Jazz
Media: Live Music


“Uasuf Gueye and his band were an incredible addition to an already impressive lineup. Gueye and his band masterfully delivered a musically and culturally enriching experience to the TEDxYouth@Ballston event. The energy in the room was palpable. If you have the chance to work with him or see him live... take it!” – Ashwood Heffern, TEDx organizer

"Urban Virtuosos, led by accomplished musician Uasuf Gueye, brought lively spirit to DanceAfrica, DC 2018. Gueye's thorough knowledge of the African diaspora blended with contemporary/rap influences provided a compelling opener to the first performance of the festival. Gueye and his band had a pleasant, relaxed-yet-energized on-stage dynamic. The band was extremely organized and was great to work with leading up to the event." --Sarah Greenbaum, Artistic Program Manager at Dance Place

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